Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back to cigar box guitar building

Just had a relaxing week in Sunny Spain, (didn't find any nice cigar boxes) temperature was in the 70's F. Back home and it was freezing snowy Britain - yikes! So to cheer myself up I've had an afternoon CBG building. The two new ones are coming along great. I'm interested to see how the 2 stringer turns out and what I can do with it.

I've also got my Ebay orders for various electronic components through now so I can start experimenting with different amps.

I'm meeting up with a fellow UK CBGer on Thursday for the first time. We're bringing some stuff for a bit of "show and tell" over a coffee. Should be interesting.

I'm looking into doing a bit of music mixing and editing. It's a new direction for me and so there's another steep learning curve. I've downloaded some free software which seems pretty good. It's called Audacity. When I get some free time I'll try some simple multitrack stuff and see what comes of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I've got the Audacity software too. Haven't had time to try it yet, except to confirm that I can't seem to pick up anything through my Mic (damn!).
It looks a simple and capable bit of software though.


David said...

Jeff - You might need to go into the preferences section and configure the I/O settings for your computer. I've been working through this tutorial

which seems pretty good. Still haven't tried recording yet but had a bit of fun cutting and pasting a track.

Anonymous said...

I'll give that a go!