Sunday, January 30, 2011

rockmaster phantom chop job

Remember I showed you a photo of a nasty looking, day-glo, yellow six stringer that I bought cheap in a charity shop. Well I have stripped it down and given it the chop. It was a strat type shape with a pointy headstock. You can see the body has been slightly reshaped and a chunk cut off the headstock. I'll re-drill two new holes for the missing machine heads on the other side of the headstock. The rest of the body is going to get covered with the same oxidised can-metal that you can see on the bottom of the body. The back of the neck will get resprayed to look sort of metallish. The two single coil pups have gone leaving me with just the humbucker and I'll re-fit the vol control and maybe a tone pot. I'm please dwith the way it's looking so far. I'll post more pics as it develops.