Friday, July 03, 2009

two more cigar box guitars in the pipeline

Been working on two new ones today. A nice bright yellow Monte Christo and a white Romeo Y Juliet boxes. Mahogany necks. I'm going to rub white paint into the grain of the necks to give them some character and charm. Paint the headstock with a sympathetic colour, might use a crackle finish. Not sure about the soundholes yet, might use brass grommets for the Monte but something else on the other one. I liked the 'key' bridge on the last one so might repeat that idea on one of them. I need to build up some stock fairly quickly so I'm not going to drag these out. Stay tuned in for the finished items in a week or so.

When these are done I want to build a real nasty 'rat rod' CBG. Not sure at all how it will turn out but thinking along the lines of rusty fittings and a well worn box. I'm going to have to experiment with various ageing processes. Should be a fun exercise.