Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car boot sale finds

I was telling you to check out your local car boot sales for CBG building bargain stuff. Well here are my latest finds. I wanted some small speakers to fit in my plans to build small smokey type amps and look what I found. Four brand new mini speakers in plastic cabs for a huge outlay of 50 pence for the lot.

Next - not quite so cheap but still a bargain for some cigar box amplifiers, I found a pair of 4 inch Kenwood car speakers for £3.

Even more of a bargain was this little Gorilla practise amp absolutely free on my local Freecycle site. Ideal for testing new CBGs in the workshop. So get out there and start grabbing some bargains.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I wanna do some cigar box guitars stuff

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms but still too busy with jobs around the house. I do have another project brewing up. It's a smokey type amp, going to put it in an old tin plated turpentine can. I'll cut a hole in the front for a small speaker but the real novelty of it is - I'm intending making the screw-on lid, the actual volume control. I'll drill a couple of holes in the top and fit an on/off switch and power-on LED. Probably put the jack socket in the side at the bottom so the guitar lead doesn't pull it over when connected. Should be really cool if it turns out as I see it in my head. I've already made the guts of a smokey amp and it seems to work fine. Just need to get busy.

Also in progress is a small booklet "How to build a ciagbox amplifier". It will be on sale eventually but I need to fine tune it and test drive it first. I'll post here when it's available.