Friday, August 07, 2009

new love

I have a new lady in my life that I've fallen in love with. She's was born in Chicago about 50 years ago but still a good looker. Heck I'm no Brad Pitt myself and at my time of life, I prefer a lady with some maturity. She's been around and I have to admit, when she was younger, she was cheap and available to any guy who had a few dollars to spare. She's on the small side with a short thick neck (doesn't sound all that attractive huh?) but her body is still in good shape apart from a few scars. She's not all that easy to please though, you have take her as you find her and not expect too much. She was a bit highly strung and smelled like an old ash tray when I first met her but I've worked my magic, given her a good rub down and she's starting to smell better, unwind and respond to my fingers. Her name - Stella. If you're reading this I guess you'll like her too. Next time I'll show you a photo of my new love.

Monday, August 03, 2009

finding cigar boxes

For us Brits, it's hard to source cigar boxes. Most builders here find it almost impossible to find them, smoking cigars is a minority occupation. I must say though that I have done pretty well finding plenty so far. The main source is from old fashioned, small tobacconists shops who specialise in cigars and pipe tobaccos. I have found them to be very willing to let me have empties at very reasonable prices. I usually pay no more than £1 per box.

I had a good experience this weekend when I found one of these places (location - top secret). When I entered the shop I could see a small storeroom with a pile of empties on the floor. I thought I'd pre-empt the deal by stating what I usually pay. He showed me the boxes and I chose 4 decent ones (couldn't carry any more). Now the crunch was coming.

"So they usually charge you £1 each", he said. I thought he was going to sting me for more. "My boss usually gives them away and just asks for small donation to the charity box", he said.

I willingly gave him the donation and came away with four bargain-priced boxes and a warm glow from the generosity of the man. Nice to know there is still some around in these hard times.