Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 new cigar box guitars started

I've started the next two CBGs but my plans have changed. Started with two pieces of timber for the necks. One oak one mahogany. They were already ripped down to size but the mahogany one was a bit on the narrow side so I decided this one would be a two-stringer, a first for me. I've rounded the back of the neck on this one and chosen a nice white and green Macanudo box. It's sort of narrow and quite deep, not the usual dimensions but I think it will work nice with the neck. I'll probably string it up in a fairly high tuning open D using unwound BE strings. The oak neck will get the green Ramon Allones box. Heading off to sunny Spain soon so CBG building will come to a halt while I do some serious research into chilling out, drinking beer and eating paella. Might even pick up the odd nice Spanish cigar box. Bummer eh?


Anonymous said...

A couple of nice projects for sure!
Be interesting to see how the two stringer is regarding versatility and ease of playing.
Have you tried a one stringer yet?


David said...

No haven't tried a one stringer (or didley bow) yet but will one day. The two stringer I'm thinking of stringing with a low B and high E string to give a low bass drone and a high string for picking out riffs. Interesting to experiment with I think.