Sunday, November 02, 2008

two new CBGs on the way

I've been busy building again. I've got two new ones half finished. I'm developing the distressed theme I started with the last one. One box (Sun Dried) has a lacquer which tends to chip easily. So I capitalised on it and rubbed down the edges and corners to give it that nice 'worn in' look. It has a dark stained neck with a red headstock to echo the colour of the label which is scarlet red. It's looking great and it will be hard to let this one go too. The other box is a white paper covered Hoyo de Monterrey. It has green ends so I'm painting the neck green with a white fretboard. I'll rub it down to give it the worn in look too. I'll post photos later when they are done.

Update - they're done and I'm pretty damn pleased with the. Photos soon