Friday, April 04, 2008

low tech CBG

Since my first cbg I've gradually refined and improved the build quality but always cautious not to overdo it. The essence of a cbg is the home-made nature using cheap, recycled and found objects. Some builders take the quality thing to extremes and I can totally understand why. It's enthusiasm and the desire to make better and more attractive instruments but if it's really the desire for a top quality guitar that is the driving force, then why make cbg's? There are much better designs and materials for a professional instrument than a cigar box.

So I got to thinking I'd like to try make a really incredibly low-tech guitar. May not even use a cigar box. Just for the hell of it I have the idea of making a really quick, simple thing that looks as rough as hell (but with some cool mojo) but will actually play OK. It will be a 3 string slide of course. I was hoping to try find some well worn drift wood and knock together some sort of box and maybe make a neck from an old seasoned branch or something. It will probably end up as a pretty long project though, the main problem just finding the right materials. I'll keep you posted.