Thursday, May 19, 2011

cigar box guitar update - May

Well a month has passed in a flash and I don't seem to have done much CBG stuff. Still messing about with the oscillator box which is nearly finished so I'll show you that soon. I watched Jools Hollands Later on tv the other night and was pleased to see Seasick Steve on there playing a CBG. I guess he'll be on again tomorrow (Friday night) so if you can get BBC2 watch out for that.

I'm on the hunt for a parlour sized 6 stringer. Playing CBGs has got me into fingerstyle playing and on something small that's comfy when you're sat on the sofa watching boring crap on tv, so hence a parlour guitar. I called at a small music store that looked like something from a Dickens book. Dark and dusty and full of intriguing instruments. On the wall I spotted a very old one string CBG and something weird that used a tortoisehell with a skin stretched over it for the guitar body. Whoa and I thought CBGs were weird!

The UK group HGMC is picking up members now. I think we're at about 70 so far. If you're in the UK be sure to check it out and think about joining. And definitley think about going to the Boxfest in Birmingham in October. We have our own Hollowbelly, France's Tinqui8, and Ben Prestage from the USA playing at the evening gig. That's gonna be worth going for on it's own but the daytime workshops, open mic and stalls make it an event not to be missed.

Anyhow, keep checking in here now and then, there's bound to be something of interest even if it's not strictly cigar box guitars.