Friday, March 28, 2008

UK cigar box guitar revolution?

As mentioned in my last post I was meeting with another CBG nut - Mark C. Venue somewhat obscure - MacDonalds at Colne! Not the best location, a cold wet day and not much opportunity to play CBGs but nevertheless a very enjoyable one. We both brought some guitars, amps etc to show and it struck us how bizarre this whole thing is. Two middle aged blokes meeting up in Mac's car park surreptitiously examining goods out the back of the cars - like a couple of dodgy crack dealers! I think we talked non stop CBG for about two hours and it went in a flash.

Well, as Mark since said "Has it struck you that our meeting may have been historic and worthy of a blue plaque? It may well be that we are the first two UK cbg'ers to have ever met up...unless you know differently". Is this the start of the CBG revolution in the UK? If you've already started it with someone else here then drop me a line an tell us how it went. I have a few UK contacts now but haven't met any others yet. I certainly hope we can continue the friendship and look forward to the next time when we can explore our hobby/CBG passion some more and get to play some blues.

I'd like to feature some other UK/European CBG builders work on here so if you have a photo of a guitar you've built and want to share it with us, please email me with a photo and brief description.


Anonymous said...

hey thats cool you met up. 'd love to do something like that eventually.

just got started again after finding a better box on my second project.


David said...

Are you in the UK Sam ?

Anonymous said...

yeah i live in melton mowbray in leicestershire. but with my work i travel all over the place. i was over near ipswitch today. long drive that was. where are you located?

David said...

I'm in West Yorkshire Sam