Sunday, March 20, 2011

lots happening

So here's the latest news in Smojo's cigar box guitar world. The Uk's Home Grown Music Collective is now live and what a cracking line-up for the fest in October. Tickets for the full day are £25 and well worth it. Why not sign up to the collective if you're in the UK. It's only £10 per year and gives you a fiver discount on the festival tickets. you get a few cool goodies too. take a look at it.

The chopped Phantom Rockmaster ratrod project is pretty much finished and I'm well pleased with it. Got it tuned to open G for slide playing. I did a quick rough video so you can see and hear it.

I'm heavily into electronic building at the moment. CBG building is on the back-burner for now. I'm experimenting and learning as I go along and before long hope to have some sort of cool oscillator/synth machine made. Here's the box I found in a junk shop that I will be using to house it. How cool is that? I've been to a car boot sale today scouting for cheap useable stuff. It's a great way to find interesting items that can be modified or utilised in your home made projects. Among my finds were an old solid leather belt that will make a great guitar strap - cost 20p. A weird chrome thing that has blue LEDs in it and it fits over your car exhaust pipe (why) - it'll get hacked and find it's way into one of my electronic synth machines, that cost just £1. Some games machine hand controllers with dual joysticks for just 10p each - they can be broken down for parts. A pair of vintage drum brushes cost 50p. There's plenty of bargains to be had and now Spring is here, car boot season is upon us again so get out and turn your boring Sundays into treasure hunting.