Sunday, May 25, 2008

just checking in

Sorry guys, I've been a bit slack on the cbg front. Spring is here and I'm busy painting the house and doing the garden. haven't had time for any CBG building at all for a couple of months. I am working on a new smojomusic website. The present one is very basic and boring, uses a limited template and was my early attempt to get something up and running on the interweb. I'm trying to get a similar look to this new yeallow scheme here witha more distressed look using Frontpage but there's a big learning curve to overcome.

Car boot season is here in the UK so any CBG builders should be out there looking for cheap and interesting bits and pieces. I'm sure garage sales in the US will produce some good finds too. Here's a few ideas to look out for :-

  • cigar boxes (of course) but I have only ever found one at boot sales
  • old webbing or belts for guitar straps
  • sink drainers for soundholes
  • cheap screws, eyehooks and other small hardware
  • old battered guitars you can strip the machine heads, nuts and briges off
  • car speakers for cb amplifiers
  • old soild wood furniture that can be ripped down for necks
  • old volume pots, knobs
  • cheap guitar strings
  • other interesting old boxes for guitars or amps
  • specialist tools like forstner bits for cutting your soundholes, fret saws, soldering irons, smoothing planes, rasps and files, chisels etc

Don't forget to check out your local freecyle on Yahoo. I've had some good stuff for free here including a small gorilla practise amp, some velvet curtains for lining cases, a snare drum stand (need a drum to go on it now), computer speakers which I hope to turn into a cbg amp.

Hope to get back to some building soon.


Anonymous said...

Aaahhh....Car boot sales. Years since I went to one.
I have the urge now though.
I never thought of using a computer speaker for a CBG...Damnit! I actually chucked a couple away months ago.
Is it a simple job t convert one? A case of simply inserting a socket in the right place?
I still haven't tested the piezo in my CBG. Won't be able to afford an amp now till August due to bills.


David said...

Yes there's some good material to be had a boot sales. I haven't tried converting the speakers yet but I saw a website with instructions, seemed easy enough. Now if only I could find it again. I'll have a browse and post it if I find it.