Monday, October 15, 2007

metal slides for cigar box guitars

The guitars I make are purely for slide playing. The slide I use and like best is a heavy brass tube. I have tried pyrex which is a very thin glass. The glass is quite soft and scratches after a while. They break when you drop them too, hence I don't have one any more. They are too lightweight for my liking. Heavier slides are good for creating a decent vibrato too, they seem to "wobble" better on your finger. Real glass bottlenecks are cool being heavy but are hard to make. I've tried copper tubing making slides from hot water pipes but copper is too soft too and gives a dull sound compared to brass. I reckon a decent chromed tube would be good too.

I've been looking for scrap brass or chrome tubing to make some slides to go with my guitars. I called at a scrap metal merchant today and bought an old chromed towel rail. The type that is plumbed into your heating system. It's brass underneath. I reckon I can cut it up into small lengths, file the ends smooth and make about 40 slides out of it. I'm going to make one soon as a prototype so I'll report back on how good it is. I like the idea of recycling too. Most parts of the guitars are from recycled materials and it has a good vibe, good mojo, to make useful things out of scrap.

Update 19 Oct 2007 - I made a couple and they are great, nice smooth action and clean sound

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