Saturday, August 25, 2007

next cigar box guitar projects

So I've just about finished my latest guitar and feel like a new challenge. I have an idea to make a sort of hard case to hold a CBG. I also want to build a battery powered amp into it too. It will make a complete "buskers" kit. It could take a while as I haven't designed it yet and will need to play around with ideas first.

I need to sell some of my "babies" too now. Getting short of space and a bit of working cash would help fund some more projects. I haven't really applied myself to selling them so far. A few friends have seen them and wanted one but that area has dried up. I need to do some marketing. Anyone out there got any bright ideas?


Kay said...

Hi David,
Great site, I just spent the day beginning to build my first CBG thanks to your site and encouragement of other enthusiasts. We just had a guitar swapmeet this weekend here in the Seattle Washington area of the US, where I am sure you would have sold every one you brought to the event. Perhaps you can find someone who already is a vendor at similar events in the UK, and would be willing to carry your line. They could also be consignment items in trendy shops that deal with music or even as the wall art for sale in coffehouses and such that promote local artists. If the UK has no such spots, you could find a vendor in a country who did and ship them off for sale. If nothing else, you could learn to package them quite well and open a small storefront on Ebay for little to no overhead, they would sell themselves to people around the world I am sure. Thanks for the detailed information about building them, and please keep sharing what you learn as you become even more skilled at this ( a woodburning tutorial would be awesome, I can't imagine how you are so accurate with one, just practice?) Keep playin' those down in yer bones, got that funky foot stompin' blues and spread the mojo through your smojos!~

David said...

Kay - Thanks for your great comments and suggestions, very encouraging. Woodburning is a new skill to me, you need a steady hand for sure but here's a couple of tips. For straight lines on frets, mark your lines accurately with pencil first. Then use a small metal tri-square and run the burning tool along the edge of that. Cheers David