Monday, October 09, 2006

Dom Tomas CBG

A friend ordered a CBG for her son's birthday. It's a Dom Tomas box and the neck is made from an ice hockey stick I was given. The stick is just the right dimensions for a neck and is incredibly rigid. When I stripped back the paint I found it is a laminate. The strips of laminate run vertically up the neck and give it a stripey effect, very pale colour. Looks pretty cool. It will be a similar spec to the other Dom Tomas CBG's I already made - three strings tuned to open A, piezo pick-up and of course my "smojo" logo burnt into it. I have strung this one very light with 1,2,3 strings of a 12 guage set and tuned it to open DGD.

I got some great feedback. He was delighted with it and said it was the best present he ever got! He didn't even play guitar but his fingers are pretty sore now.

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