Thursday, December 15, 2011

guitar building course session two

Second session of my course where I am building a solid body six string reso guitar. Didn't realise how much preparation work needs to be done before actually working on the guitar itself. This week we cut the mahogany plank in two. We sat the two halves side by side with a small gap and using a slotted template on top we routed the two edges simultaneously to provide smooth faces to be glued. Quicker and easier that trying to plane them. They were glues up and cramped together to make the block of wood for the body.

Next job, made a template for body and headstock by tracing the drawing onto some thin MDF. We cut them out with a jigsaw, then smoothed the edges to a perfect shape with rasps and sandpaper. These will be fixed to the body block and headstock piece and used to run a router around to cut out the shapes. It took us pretty much the whole session to do these jobs. Another session next week then a break over Christmas. What I've learned so far - the need to make a good drawing and templates. The simple use of a router to provide straight edges accurately and easily. I'll be digging my own out now I know what can be done with it.


Raindog951 said...

With all these new skills I expect your next CBG to be a surreal masterpiece!
Been laid up with a slipped disc here, so no enthusiasm for building anything. Have managed to get someone else started on building one, by making detailed plans and giving some bits of hardware to them, so not all bad.
New year I want to refurbish an old Kays electric guitar I was given, and in the back of my mind I have the idea forming to try and make an aluminium necked Bass guitar, probably 2 stringed. God knows where I'll get the Aluminium, but it might be an interesting project...If I can get rid of the slipped disc of course!
Have a great Christmas David, be sure to make a blog of your pressies!


David said...

Jeff what a bummer with the disc, hope it soon mends. You'vr got some interesting projects lined up there. I am warming up to doing some woodworking again now, bee preoccupied with electronics and still am but the worse bit is, I promised to redecorate the lounge -arrgh. Hope you have a good Christmas too.