Sunday, March 21, 2010

cgb "the special" is finished

Yeah at last it's done and I'm well pleased with it. It has great sustain which can be a problem with cbgs. I put that down to the hefty neck reinforcing I had to do inside the box to facilitate cutting away a recess for the pickup. I have a three way switch to select either the piezo or the magnetic pups or both together. The piezo is much hotter than the magnetic and so the middle position, where both pups are in circuit, is a bit piontless becuase all you can hear is the piezo. It's quite heavy for a cbg and I like that solid feel, nicely balanced too. The action seems just right to me, high enough for slide but able to be fretted with fingers too. I have it tuned to open G with strings 456 from a set of 10 guage electric steel strings. When I get time I'll do a video for Youtube.


Anonymous said...

That guitar hangs together perfectly :-)
Even Skeletor really looks Bluesy and fits right in!


David said...

Thanks Jeff. I've really enjoyed the whole process of making it too. It's totally unique but also personal to me too.

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

Love the hinge tail piece and headstock!

56 Special said...

This is the nuts! I think you are making the best looking CBGs in the country. Good work. If I can't make my own look as good as yours I'll be back to buy one from you soon.

David said...

Thanks Dave. That was pretty much a one-off though - took ages to complete. Haven't made any more since, been concentrating on my playing but I'll get busy again soon.