Monday, August 03, 2009

finding cigar boxes

For us Brits, it's hard to source cigar boxes. Most builders here find it almost impossible to find them, smoking cigars is a minority occupation. I must say though that I have done pretty well finding plenty so far. The main source is from old fashioned, small tobacconists shops who specialise in cigars and pipe tobaccos. I have found them to be very willing to let me have empties at very reasonable prices. I usually pay no more than £1 per box.

I had a good experience this weekend when I found one of these places (location - top secret). When I entered the shop I could see a small storeroom with a pile of empties on the floor. I thought I'd pre-empt the deal by stating what I usually pay. He showed me the boxes and I chose 4 decent ones (couldn't carry any more). Now the crunch was coming.

"So they usually charge you £1 each", he said. I thought he was going to sting me for more. "My boss usually gives them away and just asks for small donation to the charity box", he said.

I willingly gave him the donation and came away with four bargain-priced boxes and a warm glow from the generosity of the man. Nice to know there is still some around in these hard times.


Wood Finery said...

Very nice to hear. I've had a similar experience at a local shop. I buy several at a time when I go in. On a couple of occasions the clerk has sent me on my way with acouple of grocery bags full of cigar boxes.
They donate the proceeds to local charities so I don't mind paying a fair price.

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

I just assumed you were in the USA!
I know a likely shop too,but didn't know if they still are shipped in wooden boxed, I must go in and ask!

David said...

A couple of grocery bags full - wow!!!