Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tobacco tin amp and mic

Thought you might like to see my latest projects - a tobacco tin amplifier (above) and microphone below. The amp has a small internal speaker with an output jack that can connect to a speaker cab, switching off the internal one. There's a gain control which at minimum setting has an almost clean sound but when cranked up has a wicked distortion. Only 1/2 watt but more than loud enough to pee off the wife whilst watching tv. There's an on/off swicth and LED indicator. Runs off a PP3 9 volt battery.

The microphone is a passive device and simply has a 1/4 inch jack plug to connect to an amp. has a slight distortion to it - great as a harmonica mic. I think both these items look real cool and go great with the whole CBG ethos.

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A C Deighton said...

This has given me some ideas for a commision I have...a crazy build at that. A Harp Mic & Percussion instrument in one.
I have a Old Uncle Joes sweet Tin...thinking of padding out with foam and making a partition out of ply at one end for the percussive part...and a old cheap Mic inards for the Harp Mic part.
Do you think that this would work?