Tuesday, February 03, 2009

february cbg update

Two new cbgs on the go, should be finished soon. A Ramon Allones green box and a Robaina white box, both with mahogany necks made from some solid shelves I acquired on Freecycle. There's some good stuff to be had from that site. The other day I got a Realistic megafone speaker. It's one of those metal horn shaped things for outdoor use. I'm thinking about building it into a rough old wooden box with one of my Smokey type amp modules as a sort of busker's amp.

I've finished the cigar box amp booklet (I think) and the first copy has gone out to a friend to test drive it. He's an electronics novice so he will be able to tell me if there's any tweaks needed. Once I'm happy with it, I'll put it up for sale for about a fiver (£££). I'll post details on it for anyone interested.

I bought an old 1970's USA license plate off Ebay. Mainly because I think they are cool items and partly because I have ideas of using it in some sort of CBG related item. I'm thinking of a stomp box using it as the footplate. I'm also trying to figure how I can add some beer bottle tops to it to rattle like a hi-hat when stomped.

Saw Seasick Steve live at Leeds alst week. Absolutely love that guy. He played a couple of cbgs in his act as well as his 'Trance Wonder' beat up old solid body electric. I can only say that if you get the chance to see him live - go go go.

The Cigar Box Nation site continues to get better. There are so many fantastic creations to be seen in the photos file and lots of advice in the classroom section. If you haven't had a peek at it yet it's well worth it.

I've been looking at steel resonator guitars and whipped myself into a frenzy over one. It's made by Republic Guitars and is called the 'Resolian'. I have a cheap wooden bodied reso which I like a lot. This type of guitar is very loud and has a lovely bluesy sound and just a cool looking a cbg. I'm hoping to sell a few more cbgs and some of my nondescript standard guitars to fund the reso.

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