Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car boot sale finds

I was telling you to check out your local car boot sales for CBG building bargain stuff. Well here are my latest finds. I wanted some small speakers to fit in my plans to build small smokey type amps and look what I found. Four brand new mini speakers in plastic cabs for a huge outlay of 50 pence for the lot.

Next - not quite so cheap but still a bargain for some cigar box amplifiers, I found a pair of 4 inch Kenwood car speakers for £3.

Even more of a bargain was this little Gorilla practise amp absolutely free on my local Freecycle site. Ideal for testing new CBGs in the workshop. So get out there and start grabbing some bargains.


Anonymous said...

Some good stuff there. I was given a big old practice amp at work. Just need to spray some of that contact cleaner in the knobs (crackly as hell).
All good fun!


David said...

You'll be able to annoy the neighbours now Jeff :)