Thursday, November 13, 2008

another UK cigar box guitar builder

This is one of the rewarding bonuses I get from doing this stuff. A few weeks ago I had an email from a guy named Rich. He'd seen the blog and felt inspired to build a CBG himself and asked for some advice. Here's an extract of his email -

'Just found your website after trawling the net to buy a cbg. Could only come up with Hawaiian type guitars then I found your blog - wow that blew me away......... then I discovered seasick steve and decided I needed a cbg in my life'

He had a good look at my older posts about building, and set to straight away. He kept me informed of his progress and has sent me these two pictures of his first CBG. What a great job he's done. Look at the neat construction work - he's an engineer. He ends by saying he just needs to learn to play it now.
Nice to know he's in the England too - another CBG nut to add to our growing UK tribe. Keep at it Rich and we look forward to seeing you play this baby on Youtube one day.

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