Wednesday, September 24, 2008

smojo logo stamp

I've been trying to find a better way of adding my smojo logo to the headstocks. In the past I hand wrote it with a woodburning tool. Not easy to get it looking professional, not easy to control.

I'd been discussing it with my CBG buddy Mark and the idea of using some sort of stamp. So he has kindly made me a small rubber stamp, based on the new logo type I am using now. It's a little beauty. I tried it on my latest build using some white undercoat. I probably applied a little too much pressure and the paint bled out around the typeface - but I like it. Take a look.


anna karina said...

You might want to try using some oil-based letterpress ink -- or just go to your local art supply store and ask them what works on wood. You'll get the hang of the pressure -- a linoleum cut might work, too.

David said...

Thanks for that, I'll check it out. In this case the white u/coat was chosen to match the fretboard which you can't see yet. I'll be posting a photo of the finished guitar, it's looking good so far.

Anonymous said...

Nice Logo David. My brother uses a similar stamp for the wooden flutes he makes. He just uses an ink pad, then varnishes over the top a few times.