Monday, July 28, 2008

update on GPO tin

It's ground to a halt for now. I devised a method of using the screw-on lid as a volume control. I made a plate to mount the pot on and filed the shank down to be a slack fit D shape fit into a knob with a flat top. That was to allow the lid move up and down the pot shank as it will rise and fall as it is turned because of it's coarse thread. To fit it I needed to glue the knob to the inside of the lid. When set I screwed the lid on first, then introduced the pot and plate to the inside of the lid. The plate was drilled to accept two self tapping screws from the outside to hold it in place. It all seemed to be going OK except the knob must be slightly off centre in the lid and it won't turn all the way. So back to the drawing board on that.

I decided to fit a switched output jack so it will cut off the tiny internal speaker and allow it to connect to a cab. Most of the mechanical bits are done, mainly wiring up once I can get this volume lid thing sussed.


Anonymous said...

If it was too easy it wouldn't be fun.....Keep repeating this!
After a few months of enforced poverty I'm out of the rough now. This means I'll be saving up for the Roland cube amp. Thinking hard about the next project too. Probably going for a Diddly Bo.
I'm trimming down my need for musical skill even more :-)


David said...

cheers Jeff I think I have the answer now, watch this space .... he says quietly mumbling "if it was too easy ...."