Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New look for SMOJO cigarbox guitars

You might have noticed something different here! I'm changing my "corporate" look (yikes did I say that word - wash my mouth out, that goes totally against the grain - but I can't think of an alternative word) to something more appropriate to the cigarbox guitar movement. That is a more basic hand made, distressed, retro type of look. It might change again before I'm done so bear with me. I have a whole lot of stuff to do to bring it all together but hey - it's fun. Feedback welcome.


Anonymous said...

I think he new look works. Reminds me of early punk magazines.


David said...

Thanks, I'm cracking on now changing other stuff to match. Just done a help booklet which I give away with guitar sales. Working on a zine with CBG stuff too.