Friday, April 20, 2007

When work gets in the way of cigar box guitars

My apologies to any regular visitors - I just haven't had time or energy to make any CBG's lately. My company got bought out by another bigger one and life has been hell ever since. I've had six months of stress and anxiety and no energy left to make any new CBG's and so the content of this blog has been a bit thin on the ground. I'm still here though, playing, and thinking about them. Hell, it's what keeps me sane. Anyway there's plenty in here for newcomers and re-visitors to whet your appetite for cigar box guitars.

So the point is this. What are we here for? Working for some big corporate fat cats or exploring our creative natures. Hmmm let me think. Well, I know what I like best but it doesn't pay the bills. Most of us have to put up with crappy jobs/bosses in order to feed and clothe ourselves but what we really want is FUN. So that's why we take up such weird activities isn't it? Keep on indulging your passions that's what I say. As long as you have something to be passionate about, you can hold it together in this world.

If you haven't made one yet, go ahead. You'll get a real buzz out of creating something of your own and a helluver lot of fun playing it.


Pete said...

Hey Dave - check out my biscuit tin ukulele at

Hope you are keeping well and not letting the evil JOB get you down!

Pete H

David said...

Cool Pete, I've made a chocolate tin guitar. It's sounds quite good but was one of my early efforts and could do with a bit of modifying.