Friday, January 19, 2007

cigar box guitar resolutions

I don't like making new year resolutions because they usually don't last long. It's not a bad idea in away though, it helps to focus on what you want to achieve. I've a number of things I want to get done and they're noy big tasks. It just takes time and commitment. Maybe it's the Winter blues or maybe because my job has been at risk for a few months but I've been lacking motivation for creativity. It's still there but it takes a lot of effort to get the juices flowing. Here's what I want to do and we'll see how I get on.

  1. Put the finishing touches of straps and logos to a couple of guitars
  2. Photograph them and put them on here and my website at
  3. Make some effort to sell them so I can recoup some costs and :-
  4. Make some more cigar box amps with the money
  5. Sell some amps :)
  6. Make some "proper" bottleneck slides. I have a tile cutter and a pile of empty wine bottles which I have been meaning to have a go at
  7. Write some more instructions on making CBGs to put on here (sorry if you've been waiting for the next installment)
  8. Make a hard case with built in portable amp -see my next blog for an explanation

That's it - should keep me going till next New Year at least,

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