Tuesday, November 07, 2006

del.icio.us - a useful site for you

How would you like a favourites list you can access from any computer you use to connect to the internet? You know the problem, you're at work and in your lunch hour you want to check out that great cigar box guitar site you found last night. You saved it to your home PC favourites but you're using your works computer right now and you can't remember it's address.

well I Just discovered this useful site that lets you do that and created an account (free). It allows you to bookmark your favourites to the web to be accessed from anywhere and any computer. Also you can choose to share them with all members of the site or just your selected friends. They can see what useful favourites you have. You can also create a network of people linking to your favourites. To look at my favourites click the link - not much in it yet but I've put some great sites related to CBG's and unusual instruments and I'll keep adding to it. Also there's a button in my links section to the right of this page where you can go to my del.icio.us site. There's another button if you want to add yourself to my network. Feel free to try it.

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