Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cigar Box Guitars - why so addictive ?

They are incredibly addictive but why? It's partly to do with their simplicity. No fancy chord fingerings to remember and only three strings (on mine anyway). It pushes you to be more inventive with your playing and also to relish the purity of simple, uncomplicated music. I sometimes get down to the most minimalistic playing and love it. Getting into a simple groove is positively therapeutic.

It's also pretty cool playing an instrument you made mostly out of scrap or recycled materials. You don't need to be too precious about the instrument like you might be with your 2 grandsworth of Gibson or Paul Reid Smith. I can't stop looking at them and admiring them either. The fancy designs on some of the boxes excites my musical taste buds. Seeing one standing in the corner of the room just begs you to pick it up and play it. I absolutely love 'em!

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