Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cigar Box Guitar Dreams

They say that when you are learning a new language, you know you've cracked it when you start dreaming in that language. Well I had my first dream about playing a CBG ...... and it was good. I know I'm not ace at it yet but I can knock out some pretty mean sounding blues now. I just need to increase my repertoire. Anyone who plays guitar on their own knows how you tend to get stuck in a rut playing the same things over and over. Two reasons for that - you need to practise in order to improve. Then when you get it down pretty well, it's just easy and comfortable to keep playing that piece. I guess I need an amateur band of like minded people to play with.

I've added a picture here. The one on the left is the original I bought. The Quality Street tin was my second attempt. The first guitar I made I dismantled and gave the box to my duaghter's boyfriend who made his own neck for it. So I used the neck and tried it on this choccy tin. It's quite cool with a certain amount of reverb from the metal. Not much volume but I might put a pick-up in it eventually.

The green one was my first full effort of a CBG and was meant to be a keeper for me. I took it to work and a guy wanted one immediately so I let him have this one. It nearly broke my heart letting it go though. That's how it is with them - they are totally addictive and hard to let go of when you've made it yourself. I play it more than my Gibbson 335!! yikes and that cost a fortune.

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